Geo X Resources teams up with Ontario Geothermal Association

Monday, August 28th, 2023

Geo X Resources Ltd is excited to announce their partnership with the Ontario Geothermal Association (OGA).

The OGA released the statement detailing the addition of Geo X Resources Ltd as their newest addition their Sustaining Partners Program (SPP). Geo X Resources will help by supporting the critical activities of the industry’s main trade group, such as government advocacy, professional development, industry partnership synergies, training and education, special and social events, policy development, best practices, standards creation, group purchasing and discounts, and much more. This will allow the OGA and Geo X Resources to strengthen their ties and commitment to helping expand the geothermal community.

Geo X Resources has said they are "looking forward to working together to increase awareness around the use of a greener, cleaner and self-sustainable energy sources."

The OGA is a non-for-profit organization representing geothermal heating and cooling system designers, drillers, installers, equipment manufactures and distributors. Their may mission is to advance the ground source industry by forming strong connections between the public, governments, and industry professionals.

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